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"One of the most heartbreaking things I deal with as a pastor are marriages that are on the rocks. I was getting my hair cut last December and chatting with the hairdresser about the getaway weekend Monique and I took for our 24th anniversary and she said, "Wow! 24 years... what's your secret?" The question caught me a little off guard but after some prayer and talking with my brunette beauty, we came up with five specific things we believe are absolutely vital for a vibrant marriage. Monique and I are certainly not perfect, but we have a genuine love for each other that continues to grow as we cultivate a living romance with each other. 

Starting July, Monique and I will both be sharing an online five part series entitled "25 and Beyond." We will be sharing some "Jim and Monique" stories along with the five vital points we continually work together at in our marriage. Living under one roof does not constitute a marriage and so many simply just coexist... the Lord has so much more available to those who set their hearts to pursue His road map for marriage! So plan on joining us online this coming July!"

-Pastor Jim 

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