Maybe you are moving into town for the first time, maybe you have been hurt or maybe you and your family are looking to do life with like-minded believers. Whenever you walk into a new church it can be a little scary too... what will the music be like? Will the sermon be relevant? Will there be something for my kids to connect too? Will I even be noticed? Most importantly, will I be able to connect with God there?


People ask us what kind of church we are. We are inter-denominational because we have people from all kinds of different religious backgrounds. We are a Bible-centered, Spirit-filled church that moves with the Holy Spirit and allows God to do whatever His hearts desire is!


We did it backwards… we didn’t have a vision and a plan and then start a church… we were given a church and had to ask God what His plan was! After much time in prayer we believe the Lord outlined a vision for Revive that was four-fold: to build a community of love, to be an authentic house of prayer, to have outreach be a major focus and to raise a generation!


Our heart at Revive is to be much more than a religious gathering, but rather a family of believers who loves one another, cares for one another and ministers to one another. We strive to foster a friendly, loving atmosphere where we truly encourage and lift one another up. Too many people carry wounds from past religious experience so we take great care to be a safe environment where people can find authentic healing, friends and a family! 


Merriam Webster defines community as "An interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location; a unified body of individuals; joint ownership or participation." A group of people who happen to be in the same building at the same time does not necessarily make up a community... but a group of people unified with a common purpose who interact and participate with one another does!


What you’ll find at Revive is a place where you can experience an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ, develop rich relationships with real people and discover your calling in life. You’ll also experience powerful worship, in-depth messages and your children will love our fantastic programs designed just for them. We’re a church hungry for real revival and we’re passionate about living our lives for God! There’s a place for YOU at Revive!