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Revive strives to be a community of believers committed to seeing an authentic revival in South Lake County! We also strive to be a genuine community of love, where people grow together in their faith from a true heart of love for one another. This heart for community is the first "pillar" of the vision the Lord gave us here at Revive! 

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What is community? Especially in the context of a church? Merriam Webster defines community as "An interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location; a unified body of individuals; joint ownership or participation." A group of people who happen to be in the same building at the same time does not necessarily make up a community... but a group of people unified with a common purpose who interact and participate with one another does!

Our heart at Revive is to raise up a community of like-hearted believers who are committed to seeing an authentic revival in South Lake County, a community of believers who are committed to love one another, pray for one another and support one another, and a community of believers desiring to love the actual community the Lord has placed us in! 

Coming into a new church can be a little intimidating... we get it. This website is the first step to ease that anxiety a bit! Head over to our staff page and meet our pastor and the staff at Revive! If you take a moment and go over to our contact page and let us know you are interested in visiting Revive, we will be sure to connect with you during your visit by introducing you to Pastor Jim and his family and some of the other staff members as well as some other amazing people! 

Connecting is so important... connection is something we hear many people are longing for but seem to have a difficulty in doing. Take some time and go through this site... come and visit on a Sunday and see all God is doing here at Revive... you may find a genuine family to connect with! 

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